Active Play Creates Better Problem Solvers

Problem solving is a fundamental skill for little one to master as part of their development. It is a trait that is nurtured through play, the benefits of which we are celebrating all week as part of Play Strong. On the surface, play is simply great fun!

Fun and so much more!better problem solvers

And who doesn’t enjoy seeing their little one enjoying themselves whilst they play? But play offers so much more than simple fun. At Gymboree Play & Music, our programmes are designed by experts to provide an experience and environment that enables babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to develop physically, emotionally and cognitively.

One of the cognitive benefits of play is that it creates better problem solvers. Our programmes are created to support learning around the ways little ones think, explore their environments and ultimately figure things out. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from other children’s activities.

Brain Growth and Development

little boy at Gymboree Play & Music

Up to the age of two is a period of rapid cognitive growth, according to Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget.  This is where they develop an understanding of the world through their senses and their movement. They learn about the existence of objects and things and also about motion or events which occur in their immediate space, either with or without their contribution.

Beyond 24 months, they become increasingly adept at understanding symbolism. For example, little ones begin to play out scenarios through pretend play. This is where they start to role play and pretend to be mummy, daddy, or even pirates, cowboys or astronauts! Our Runners, Explorers, Play Lab, and Family Play classes are ideal for this stage of development.

Each of these classes challenges young minds to imagine outcomes and to play through scenarios. Play Lab and Lego in particular, which encourages STEAM-based learning, introduces engineering and experimentation which provide pre-schoolers with the tools for creative problem-solving. So, you see play is so beneficial to child development.

So why not enquire now and come along to play strong at Gymboree Play & Music!

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