45 Minutes Can Do Wonders

Just three quarters of an hour’s play can do wonders for little ones’ sleep and appetite. And it’s something that every little visitor and their parent or carer can bank on at Gymboree Play & Music centres.

Progressive Development

sleep & appetiteOur expert play leaders support you through 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to play, explore, and learn. More than that, our custom designed curriculum challenges your little one as they grow, with changing playscapes and themes every two weeks.

Which means that every step of the way, our programme challenges each baby, toddler and pre-schooler in a progressive way. We help them reach successive developmental staging posts physically, socially and cognitively through play. It’s what we are celebrating all week with Play Strong.

Our classes help keep them busy and help them work up an appetite. That’s why little ones are primed and ready to eat and sleep after a visit to one of our centres.


Creating a routine of activity, sleep and eating is so important for child development.  That’s why establishing a healthy sleep pattern in early life is crucial for the health and growth of early years children. Sleep patterns can change dramatically in the early years, from irregular patterns (0-3 months) to regular sleepiness (2-3 months), more nocturnal sleeping (4-12 months) to two naps per day (12-18 months) and by 18 months, one or no daytime nap.

A Healthy Pattern

sleepy baby

Wherever a child is on their journey, it’s important to maintain a regular pattern. That’s because sleep plays a critical role in learning and memory, emotional regulation, and related brain structure development.

It plays a role in healthy cognitive development in the transition from infancy to adulthood. Sleep also helps a little one to better learning and memory, plus enables them to regulate their emotions better.

That’s why a good sleeping pattern supports child development. So, quality sleep comes from an active routine. Following activities such as our Babies, Play & Learn, Art classes, and Open Gym, your child will be well exercised and ready for a peaceful sleep.

But before they drift off into a wondrous dream, try to give them nutritious food to support their physical development. Optimal nutrition in the first few years of life are central to the development of healthy brain architecture. This builds a pathway towards good cognitive health. Iron is a particularly important in development of early years children.

Something like the delicious organic goodies from our friends at Piccolo is perfect!

So why not enquire now and come along to play strong at Gymboree Play & Music!

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