Benefits of our Equipment

We are often asked why our classes are so special. Parents want to know how they differ from other play classes.  They want to know all about the benefits of our equipment!

Gymboree Play & Music classes utilise a unique and impressive combination of music, movement, props, and imaginary play, but it’s our custom-designed and patented equipment, which is unique to us, that creates a fun and magical world where children learn, thrive and most importantly have fun.  We have evolved this equipment over the years and you’ll see it in all its forms in Gymboree Play & Music centres around the world.

This proprietary equipment was designed by Jay Beckwith, an internationally respected playground designer with more than 40 years of experience. He created every structure with the needs of children in mind. He also designed them to deliver the high-quality standard parents expect for their children.  It’s this equipment which delivers a unique experience for our members with social, cognitive, and physical benefits for your little ones built in.

So here begins a series about the benefits of our unique equipment.  Each post we’ll focus on a different piece and show you what’s so special about it, and how it benefits your child during play.

We’ll cover the benefits of all the familiar Gymboree Play & Music apparatus:

For those of you who are already members, you’ll recognise most of these, and no doubt you and your little ones have a favourite!

If you’d like more information about Gymboree Play & Music classes just contact your local centre.

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