Benefits of the Airlog

Introducing Gymboree Play & Music’s famous Airlog!

This long, soft, colourful, inflatable cylinder is used in our classes throughout the levels for bouncing, climbing, pushing, sliding and tapping. As your little ones develop we also use it to build on imagination play. From a boat to an alligator or even a toaster, the possibilities are endless!

The Benefits

  • It helps little ones understand texture.

    • This is a key for our little ones’ brain development, it gives them early exposure to the multi texture environment we live in and can help avoid sensitivities later in life.
  • Great for body control.

    • Babies will develop control of their upper body in the first few months of their life, we use the Airlog for tummy time, rocking, and also to introduce sitting up whilst being supported by their adult.
  • Builds confidence.

    • From starting in younger classes with sitting, rocking and bouncing, all heavily assisted by their adults. As our little ones move into Level 3 we start to encourage some independent play such as pushing it along to encourage walking. By the end of your little one’s Gymboree Play & Music journey they will be running across without any assistance and jumping off the other end! Its a real journey.
  • Develops strength.

    • We use it as a ‘tummy time tool’ for babies, a ‘giant walker’ for our little ones who are up on their feet, and then for our older toddlers we even explore lifting it above our heads as superheroes.
  • Sense of balance.

    • Balance is such a key developmental goal for all little ones as it comes into play in so many areas of life. We use it from a young age to build up tummy strength then upper body, before co-ordinating the two to start walking across it. A lot of balance also comes from confidence that we won’t fall, or if we do, what will happen? We use our teachers and parents to encourage little ones both physically and mentally that they can do it!
  • Hand-feet coordination.

    • A great example of this is one of our famous activities the ‘FREEZE’ dance. We mainly use this with our slightly older toddlers but also sometimes with our little ones too. We play music and encourage tapping, always starting with both hands, then one hand, and then we alternate. This encourages the crossing of both sides of the brain.
  • Motor development.

    • This is the physical growth and strengthening of a child’s bones and the ability for them to move though their surroundings. They can do this by ‘cruising’ around, pushing, tapping, banging, walking, or running across our Airlog.
  • Reactivity

    • One of the fun sides of the development of our little ones is watching their reactions as they take part in a new activity or complete one they have been working towards. The more you encourage with your face and words the more positive their reactions will be. It’s ok if sometimes your little one looks shocked or unsure, it’s all part of the journey!
  • Rhythm sensation

    • We use the Airlog by tapping our hands or bouncing on top to create rhythm, this skill will enable your little one to identify sound patterns and learn through repetition.
  • Social interaction.

    • We often use the Airlog for group activities such as pushing it from one side of the room to together, chopping it down like a tree, or playing peek-a-boo with another baby.  Learning to communicate and work alongside other children is a vital life skill.
  • Vestibular sense.

    • This is our inner ear balance mechanism. It is vital for your little ones to balance on one leg when they get dressed for example. We encourage our older ones to walk across the Airlog as we gently wobble it to further develop this.
  • Parent-child relationship.

    • This is a key part of everything we do, and the Airlog is only a successful activity if our parents are right by their little one’s side. Knowing your grown-up is your biggest cheerleader, and will catch you if you fall or encourage you to try again, is why any Airlog activity can make a huge positive difference to the early development of your child.

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