The importance of song and music in learning

Here at Gymboree Play & Music Cheam, singing and music are a huge part of our classes! So what benefit does this have for your little one?

  1. Singing and exposure to music can help your little one develop their memory and form important neurological pathways. Our songs at Gymboree Play and Music, reinforced with play, can help little ones memorise words, colours and other ideas! As teachers, we love seeing little ones grow and go in to our upper levels, learning the songs we sing and join in! Our colour song ‘red and yellow, green and blue’ is a firm favourite and it’s brilliant to see how it helps little ones memorise their colours.
  2. When your little one does join in, singing provides a brilliant source of expression of emotions and aids linguistic and phonological development too! Learning to expect rhymes at the end of sentences and reinforcing syllables is only going to help little ones before the school curriculum literacy begins!
  3. Music has been shown to ‘light up the brain’, engaging all areas of the brain and stimulating pathways. Studies have shown that mathematic, spacial awareness and linguistic skills are all improved by the learning of an instrument or singing.
  4. Music and singing from an early age helps little ones develop a natural sense of rhythm and melodic familiarity, helping with recognition and the reproduction of tones.
  5. Singing and making music with instruments promotes social development with our friends! And when you shake an instrument or are using it to make a sound, you’re often working on your fine and gross motor skills!
  6. Music and singing can help little ones with special needs and/or learning difficulties. As it’s own universal language, music can be used to communicate where other forms of communication may not be possible. It brings everyone together and promotes inclusivity.

So as you can see, there are so many benefits to singing and music. At Gymboree Play & Music through our classes we help to bring this experience to your little one and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!