“What if my baby falls asleep during class?”

Written by Stephanie Gross, Director Gymboree Play & Music St Albans

“What if my baby falls asleep during class?”

‍♀️ Answer = With many babies attending from just a few weeks old, this naturally happens. However please don’t worry that they aren’t learning from the activities, they still process 60% of their surroundings whilst asleep!

They will hear the different types of music we play, helping communicate thoughts and emotions in ways that no other stimulus can.

Music can also help with pain and stress management. It also contributes unequivocally to the positive brain development. Babies can feel the different textures we offer each week, which also stimulates new brain cell connections.

The flip side is that you will learn developmental information for the coming months and tips for sensory play at home. Social interactions are also vitally important for your health too!!

So please never worry!