Rain, rain, go away!

Living in the South of England we get our fair share of sunshine compared to the rest of the UK, but the recent cold and wet weather has been hitting us hard!

Here’s our top ten tips on how to make a rainy day fun!

  1. Have a game of musical chairs or practice our freeze dance at home with your own music! You can even get an older sibling to start and stop the music to get them involved too! You can also just dance and move to the music too!
  2. Messy art play! Spread out a cheap cover for your carpet and get out the paints and glitter and have some fun!
  3. Make a space on your floor, remove any valuables and grab a washing basket and some little rolled up socks or other soft items to practice throwing and aiming!
  4. Pretend and play! Use your imagination; build a playfort with blankets and furniture and pretend to be in a castle or a den! Turn off the lights and grab a torch for extra fun!
  5. Read a story together. This will help your little one’s linguistic and phonic development even if they are just listening for now. For older little ones this will help develop their reading and vocabulary skills!
  6. Take a mid day bath and have some fun with toys and bubbles!
  7. Make a rainy day music box! Grab some elastic bands, stretch them over a cardboard box and make a makeshift guitar. With little ones make your own maraccas with rice and a little tube or well sealed recycled carton. You can also buy some little instruments and pop them in a box and let little ones pick them out – similar to our Busy box!
  8.  If all else fails and your little ones are desperate to play, go outside and jump in puddles with them and have some muddy fun at the park! Take extra clothes just in case, or something washable or that you can throw away to help cover car seats if driving.
  9. Play hide and seek with some toys!
  10. Come along to Gymboree Play & Music Cheam with your little ones! As well as your classes, you can book one off extra sessions in addition to your normal class date, and we have Open Gym as part of your membership package on Monday and Thursday 12.15pm-1.15pm.

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