Our membership explained…

We have 3 types of membership…

Baby membership

This is for our 0-8 months baby play class.

It’s £40 per month and that includes 1 regular scheduled class booking and one additional class that can be booked flexibly each week depending on availability.

Play and learn membership

This is for all classes from crawlers to Explorers advance.

It’s £42 per month and that includes one regular weekly class, unlimited open gym sessions (there are 5 sessions a week) and make up classes, (if you miss a class we bank it for you to use at another time. We hold missed classes for 8 weeks, so there is always time to use it).  From April 2022 we are giving all members on this option 2 bonus classes per month.  That’s 6/7 classes per month!!!

Back to work membership

It’s £30 per month.  We have to options in this membership:

  1. 2 classes per month, unlimited open gyms every week and banked classes.
  2. 3 classes per month and banked classes (NO OPEN GYMS)


Your first class is always free.

You are always welcome to trial a class first.

Twin/sibling membership…Choose your membership type and then add £10.

We offer £20 off your first month if you sign up for a minimum of 2 months without attending a trial first, a great option to secure your preferred class time.


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